A pioneer in natural health

Alfred Vogel understood, like few before him, the healing potential of the plant world. After years of tireless research the A.Vogel brand was brought about. The legacy of this inspirational Swiss man lives on through his holistic and highly effective remedies.

A. Vogel's herbal remedies range provide us with a wide variety of fresh plant products and covers all areas of a naturally healthy lifestyle. His aim was “To deliver the highest quality fresh plant herbal remedies with the highest content of active ingredients,”.  For A. Vogel, health and illness are part of a holistic regime. Natural remedies from fresh organically cultivated plants and healthy nutrition and lifestyle go hand in hand.

His range of products provides remedies for a variety of conditions including those relating to Sleep, Anxiety, Depression, Hay Fever, Prostate, PMT and Menopause to name but a few.