Back to School

  09/12/2013 at 14:15 pm

Back To School

Let’s start with the food….

We (I mean me) are all looking forward to getting back to school in my house.  Even the illusion of control will suffice after the summer of culinary neglect, sugar, white stodge and ketchup which is the mainstay of what the rest of them consider delicious food in our house.

Lunch box ideas.

- Hummus or gaucamole with raw veg sticks, carrot, celery. You could try a beetroot hummus, lurid pink and antioxident rich.
- Mixed bean salad, can of beans, chopped veg, herbs and dressing.
- Nut butters on oat cakes, try some jam too.
- Noodle or pasta salads, my favorite has rice noodles and a satay dressing, apple, bok choy, celery etc.
- Wraps with chicken and sprouts

- Spanish tortilla with tomato and spring onion salsa
- Homemade soup with wholemeal bread.
- Smoothies, try and work some veg into these so it’s not all sugar.
- Homemade flapjacks.

The options are endless…..

Please do remember that a decent breakfast will set you up for the day.


These are the popular products that are marketed as back to school necessities:

Omega 3 for concentration, this is well documented.  Our most popular would be Eskimo 3 and Udo's Oil

Head lice paraphernalia! These little blighters will get you and yours at some stage.
Neem, Lavender and Tea Tree oils are all good as preventative. It is necessary to invest in a good comb if you do get infected, I really don’t think you want anything that can kill eggs on your skin, much better to comb every day until you are free and clear.

By Sarah