Cider Vinegar

  08/27/2016 at 09:57 am

Cider Vinegar


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Cider Vinegar has always been a Natural Choice best seller. In general, we have always done a roaring trade in un-faddy and healthy basics like porridge oats and until very recently, good old vinegar would have been something that your Grandad would have taken for his arthritis.

It just shows that everything gets it’s “day in the sun”. And Grandad was right!

Vinegar, including cider has always been used for medicinal purposes as well as a food enhancer and preserver. It is often used at the start of a meal to aid digestion and to alkalise the body. The traditional drink is made by adding 1tbsp of the vinegar to 250ml of warm water with honey to taste.

It also has a whole host of other uses:

–It makes a yummy salad dressing.

- It can be used for Wasp and Jellyfish stings, good to know now that our sea is fully of scary Portuguese Man O' War!

- It loosens the glue that holds nit eggs to hair, making your fine comb more effective.

- Rinsing your hair after washing in a solution of 250ml of water and 2tsp of cider vinegar gives you very shiny hair.

- A Japanese clinical trial in 2009 found that those who consumed 1-2 tbsp of cider vinegar in a beverage every day lost 2-4lbs over 12 weeks while the control group lost no weight.

- Studies have found that by taking it before a meal slightly inhibits the digestion of starch and reducing the glycemic response by up to 40%.

- Applied diluted to the skin it’s a great toner and if used straight it’s useful for fighting nail infections.

By Sarah