Serums and Facial Oils

  10/12/2016 at 12:55 pm

Sarah's Favourite Facial Oils and Serums

Why do we want (or need?) to add yet another product to a bathroom that already contains a cleanser, toner, moisturiser, eye cream, exfoliator and whatever else! I was downright resentful of being told that there was something missing but I have seen the light! Oils and serums are really versatile way of getting the most out of any product.

Ever had a moisturiser that was an expensive mistake or just doesn't suit you as well as before? Add a bit of rosehip seed oil or gel based serum to make it suit your skin. Tired, dull or ageing skin - serums and oils give you that oomph that a mouisturiser can fail to deliver because it's primary function is to protect the skin.

Dr Hauschka's New Night Serum. 7.5/10

The people at Dr. H don't want us to put anything on our skin at night time, this is to allow skin to breathe and eliminate any toxins that may need releasing. Their new product is a gel water-based serum to hydrate and nourish yet allowing the skin to get on with it's nocturnal duties. My skin felt noticeably tighter and firmer while using this and was very pleasant to use. it glided on nicely and smells great, full of lovely apple based ingredients to freshen and refresh your skin.

Kinvara's 24 hour Rosehip Face Serum. 9/10

I must confess to being a little obsessed with this product. A very young Irish company, Kinvara have wowed all the bloggers and deserve to be a global success. I didn't like the smell initally, it reminds me of citronella on holidays but it has grown on me. The bright yellow oil is packed with antioxidents and other active ingredients and it is such a rich moisturiser that I can use it on it's own. The colour makes my skin really glow - like sunshine in a bottle, perfect for Autumn and impending Winter.

Atlantic Aromatics Organic Rosehip Seed Oil 10/10

This little gem is Irish and under €9 for 20ml of pure goodness and value for money. The oil is a low temperature CO2 extract which gives it this insane colour, it looks like colostrum! Antioxident rich and luxurious, it can be added to other products or used alone as a serum, treatment or even tinted moisturiser.


By Sarah