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We love to support great Irish brands, especially when they're made here in Cork.
Can't get more local than Blarney! 
For example, Bia Beauty is a great product range packed with essential oils, herbal remedies, no nasties and buckets of TLC!
On that note, here are some other Irish Brands we are proud to stock:
Adora Flax Oil, Algaran Seaweed Dressing, Atlantic Aromatic's Essential Oils, Ballybrado, Cara Bay, Carraig Fhada, Goodness Me Gluten Free Biscuits, Human&Kind, Ireland's Raw Kitchen, Iswari, Lilly's Eco Cleaning Ltd, Lily's Teas, Macroom Flour and Oatmeal, Natasha's Raw&Living Foods, Peppermint Farm&Garden Teas, Superlife and Virginia Harvest.
We also stock home brewing supplies!